Winter Weather Operations & Tips for Residents

Snow Removal Program
The Borough of Baldwin’s Snow Removal Program is designed to help keep the Borough’s roadways as safe and accessible as possible during and after snowstorms. The Baldwin Borough Public Works Department has the responsibility of clearing municipal streets of snow and ice from winter storms. Our goal is to provide residents with the highest possible level of service, and to promote a safe environment for vehicular traffic. We take this responsibility very seriously, and strive to continuously improve our operations.

Road Priorities
At the beginning of a snow event, be assured that Borough crews are out, but all roads cannot be treated at once. The Borough prioritizes roadways during snow events, with heavily trafficked or arterial roadways being our highest priorities, followed by school bus routes. Neighborhood roadways and cul-de-sac streets are important to our operations; however, when winter conditions are extreme these roadways may not be treated right away.

During snowfalls when plows are used (generally when accumulation reaches 2 inches or more), the initial passes of the snowplow are to open the road to traffic flow. Expect to have the snow pushed back to the curb on a later pass. This is done to provide more space to push away future snow and to provide drainage when the snow melts, so that water runs along the side of the road and not in the cartway where it may re-freeze as temperatures drop. Remember that snow plows cannot pick up and carry snow, so snow is placed where our operators believe it will create the least amount of problems for motorists.

Snow Reminders
In order to assist the Borough Public Works Department during snow events, we would like to remind you of the following;
  • Remove your vehicles from the street. Vehicles parked in the street create a hazard for snow plow operators and do not allow roadways to be completely cleared.
  • Do not shovel or plow snow from your driveway or walkway into the street. Pile snow in your yard.
  • Maintain and repair mailbox posts. Mailboxes should not extend past the face of the curb and should be constructed of sturdy lumber.
  • Property owners and businesses are reminded that snow and ice must be removed from the sidewalk along your property within 24 hours of the beginning of a snowfall.
  • Have an experienced professional cut tree limbs away from power lines, the roof of your house and all sidewalks adjacent to your property. During a snow event, tree limbs can be weighed down by snow and snap, damaging your property and getting in the way of snow plows.
  • If you elect to contact the Borough during a snow event to request service or to report a problem, please make every attempt to keep messages simple and direct. Be sure to state the nature of the problem, the location and a return telephone number.