Log House

In 2003, the Baldwin Historical Society received the log house from the Facchino family, who donated it after acquiring the land formerly known as the Shultz family farm on Baldwin's Willett Road. The society moved the log house from its original location and rebuilt it next to the municipal building at:
3344 Churchview Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

The log house is historically dated to 1830 and is believed to have been originally owned by the Willett family. Inside, the house is sparsely decorated with various donated items, such as pots, a ricer and a wood stove.

The log house is open to the public during municipal hours and has been used in public-education activities, such as Boy Scouts meetings and vacation Bible school classes. Guided tours are available through Baldwin Historical Society upon request and by appointment. Contact Baldwin Historical Society President Pat Lombardi at 412-882-9986 or by email for more information.