Baldwin Borough Field Permit Requests - Open for Summer 2021 

Printable Field Permit Application

Baldwin Borough 2021 Field Permits

Baldwin Borough will be able to issue filed permits with the following caveats:

Each league requesting a permit, will be responsible to provide a written COVID plan to the Borough which addresses the following prior to approval of a permit for   field use:

  • Schedule of practices/games must allow sufficient time between each to allow for complete evacuation of the area before the participants of the next game/practice is allowed to arrive.
  • Families/ spectators should be encouraged to stay in their vehicles or at recommended social distances until the start  of their  game/practice.
  • Maximum number of participants and spectators should follow all County/ State and CDC/ Federal guidelines.
  • Coaches and players must maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Any Coach or player who is sick, shall not attend any practice or game.
  • Each player must bring their own water bottle and  snacks.
  • No  sharing  of equipment.
  • Spectators should be encouraged to bring their own portable chairs when possible, while also maintaining social distancing from other families and/or   spectators.
  • Concession stands can be opened with proper distancing at the counters, wearing of face masks by staff volunteers, and only sales of drinks in bottles or cans and packaged items (i.e. chips, candy bars, etc.) are allowed to be sold. Concession areas must provide necessary hand sanitizers for patrons to  use.
  • Each league will be responsible to clean and sanitize all Restroom facilities after each practice/ game. The Borough will do a cleaning each Monday.
  • All players should be encouraged to wash their hands before and after each game/practice.
  • Any league that does not provide a plan to the Borough and/or does not follow these guidelines will not have a permit issued or have their permit  pulled.

Remember this is for the good and safety of all involved including the kids. The more vigilant we are the better to stop the spread of this terrible virus and hopefully eliminate a return/flare-up.

Thank you for your continued support of the Borough.