Animal Control

The Borough does not have our own Animal Control Services, however, you can use the information and organizations listed below to aid in your animal control needs.

Found a pet?

1. Call the Baldwin Police department to report a found pet (412-881-1300 M-F 8:30am-4:30pm or 412-881-8000 after business hours). If the pet has a Baldwin License tag, the police will be able to identify the pet's owner.
2. If the dog has an Allegheny County License Tag, call the Allegheny County Treasurer at 412-350-4100.
3. If the pet has no tags, bring the dog to the municipal building or a nearby vet to be scanned for a microchip.
4. If the cat has no tags or microchip, please contact the Homeless Cat Management Team at 412-321-4060.
5. If no ownership information can be found through tags or a microchip, please call the local shelters listed below to report a found pet. If you do not release the animal to a shelter or animal control facility, you are fully responsible for searching and finding the pet's family.
  • Sable Kennels: 412-660-2350
  • Humane Animal Rescue: 412-345-7300
  • Animal Friends: 412-847-7077

Lost a pet?

1. Notify the Baldwin Police Department (412-881-8000) with a description of the animal, where it was last seen, and your contact information.
2. Create a flyer (online flyer builder) and notify your neighbors and neighborhood vet. Including a color picture on the flyer is really helpful.
3. Check online sites for postings of found pets or to create a posting for a missing pet, such as:
4. Check with local shelters to see if they have received any animals or reports that sound like your pet.
  • Humane Animal Rescue: 412-345-7300
  • Animal Friends: 412-847-7077
  • Animal Advocates PGH: 412-928-9777

Want to help?

The Brentwood & Baldwin Police Lost Pet Project has partnered with Animal Advocates PGH to place homeless or lost pets with fosters until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted. This program avoids shelters and provide loving places for pets to stay. They need volunteers to provide short-term, in-home care for animals. If you can help or to learn more about pet fostering, please contact Animal Advocated at 412-928-9777 or

Found an injured or ill wild animal?

Please read through this site by the Wildlife Center at the Humane Animal Rescue.