How do I apply for a Soliciting Permit?

Anyone wishing to solicit/peddle goods and/or services door to door in the Borough of Baldwin is required to obtain a solicitation permit. Along with the application, applicants are required to submit a recent criminal background check and provide a copy of a valid photo identification to the Police Department. The fee is $10/day/person. Upon Approval applicants are issued a solicitation photo identification card displaying their name, company name, and expiration date.

Residents who do not wish to have solicitors come to their door can have their address added to the "Do Not Solicit" list by calling 412-882-9600, ext 1714 and a door/window decal will be mailed to you. Residents are also encouraged to contact police (911) should anyone come to their door soliciting goods or services without a proper and valid Borough Solicitation Permit.

Soliciting Permit (PDF)

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