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2018 Field Permit Application

  1. Applications must be received by March 1st. Permit requests received after March 1st will not be accepted. In addition to this application, we must receive a hold harmless agreement, and certificate of liability insurance.

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  5. This is a conditional permit application for temporary use of a Borough field. The permit if granted, is for use of the designated field only for the days and times listed. You and your organization are obligated to keep the field in good and safe condition at all times and to use the field only in accordance with the listed purpose. Any problems with the field or Borough Facilities are to be reported to the Borough Manager promptly. ROSTERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS. In the event that permit requests exceed the availability of fields, the Borough may shall consider the number of residents on the roster, as well as the number of years the organization has used Borough fields. The Borough reserves the right to refuse a permit to any requester.

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