Property Taxes

Tax Collector

The Borough has an elected Tax Collector, who is responsible for collecting property taxes.

Note: The Borough of Baldwin taxes are not associated with Baldwin-Whitehall School District taxes. Borough taxes support the Borough of Baldwin, while school district taxes support Baldwin-Whitehall School District.

Due Dates

Borough property taxes are due before June 1st.

  • If you pay by March 31st, you will get a 2% discount.
  • If you pay on June 1st or after, you will have a 10% penalty for late payment.

Tax Rate

  • The Borough’s property tax rate, or millage rate, is set by Council and for 2024 is 8.03 mils.

Payment Options

  • Mail a check
  • Check, cash, or card in person during times when the Tax Collector is in the office (days & times on the right)
  • Online HERE with E-check (free) or credit/debit card (2.45% convenience fee)

You can read more about Baldwin’s millage rate history and property values on the Allegheny County website. Your property taxes fund essential Borough services, such as public safety, parks and recreation, and solid waste removal.

Delinquent Property Taxes

Delinquent Taxes are collected by Legal Tax Services, a third party firm. Payment plans are available. If you do not pay your taxes, a lien will be placed against your property, which means the taxes plus accrued interest must be paid before the house can be sold or transferred to new ownership.

Legal Tax Services can be reached at 412-464-9555, email.

Property Value Assessments

Allegheny County is responsible for assessing the value of all property within the County. Please visit their website for more information or to learn how to file an appeal.

E-Tax Bill Sign Up

You can receive your Allegheny County Real Estate Tax Bill more quickly and conveniently through e-mail.

To sign up:

1. Go to

2. Click "sign up for Tax eBill" then search the Real Estate Website for your property.

3. Click the "tax information eBill/ePay" tab.

4. Click the subscribe to eBilling link.

5. Enter your email address and verify your information.