Building a Better Baldwin

Building a Better Baldwin

Baldwin Park Projects

In 2016, the Borough reviewed the two main parks located in Baldwin, Elm Leaf and Colewood Park. Both were identified for upgrading to address the aging infrastructure and recreational relevancy. The Borough contracted with Herbert, Rowland, & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) to develop a long-range master plan for both. Below is a description of the current work taking place and what to expect once completed:

Elm Leaf Park

This will become a brighter, more open, and inviting park with upgrades and amenities. The entire project was broken out into four phases. 

Phase I - Completed - 2018

Phase I focused on the Upper Park area closest to Wallace Drive.  This consisted of complete regrading and construction of the following: new lit horseshoe courts with a small pavilion (20'x16') and two GFI electrical outlets; a new playground area with new equipment and a modern, rubberized play surface; a fully functional restroom with plumbing and electric; a parking lot with 36 spaces, including ADA parking; a large pavilion (24'x36') with lighting and two GFI electrical outlets and an adjacent corn hole court area with permanent corn hole structures. This new design allows you to watch your kids play on the new playground while sitting in one of the pavilions or playing horseshoes.

Phase II - Completed - 2020

This Phase focused on the Park area behind the Borough Building and the Pool Area.  Construction of Phase II began on January 2, 2020.  This work included renovation of the access drive to the pool area including ADA Parking spaces near the pool entrance; reconfiguration of the parking lot entrance and exit along with resurfacing of the parking lot; complete reconstruction of the two basketball courts with new wall and fencing, including color coating, line striping and new backboards and rims; dual use deck hockey court and overflow parking lot; construction of pedestrian walkway from the pool area to the lower baseball/softball field; new playground with required safety surfacing; ADA access to the existing restrooms, landscaping, project sign and other related site improvements. The lower field area will include a new accessible path along the edge of the parking area, around the entire field, and around the new playground near our largest ball-field. Additionally, there is a nature trail that continues from the accessible path down through the wooded portion of Elm leaf and connects to the upper portion of Elm Leaf Park.  

Phase III - In Final Design/ Bidding

Phase III Grant award notification was received in Early December 2019 and will focus on the baseball fields and surrounding area on John Romanus Drive. The project will include redevelopment of the area surrounding the softball field; parking lot reconfiguration; ADA parking and accessible routes to proposed facilities; adding a small playground in place of the removed wooden playground structure; expanding upon existing concessions building by developing a patio area with shade canopies; relocation of batting cage; new ADA accessible dugouts.  This will be bid in late July 2021 with construction to occur in the fall/winter of 2021.

Phase IV - Completed - 2021

While Phase IV did not impact any of the park area it focused on signage and trails to best connect the public from one area of this uniquely shaped park to the other. This phase builds a trail system from Elm Leaf Park into the surrounding residential area, implemented shared street trail routes, installed gateway signage, and way-finding signage to Elm Leaf Park.

Colewood Park

Phase I - Completed - 2019

Phase I consisted of a new soccer field (i.e. installation of a playing surface) with new fencing and parking lot reconfiguration and reconstruction consisting of approximately 24 spaces on the Colewood Drive side of the park.   Additionally, the old wooden playground, which was removed in 2016, was replaced with a new playground area with new equipment and a modern rubberized play surface. Phase I was completed in the late summer of 2019.

Phase II - In Progress

Phase II consists of a new smaller soccer field(s) with new fencing and parking lot reconfiguration and reconstruction consisting of approximately 55 spaces on the Overland Trail side of the park.   Additionally, a sidewalk was installed from the Colewood Drive Lot area to the Overland Trail lot area. Phase II is anticipated to be completed by the summer of 2021.  The parking lot is already completed and available for use.

Phase III - Completed - 2021

Phase III was solely the construction of an ADA restroom with an attached pavilion that will provide shelter and eating area for the park.  This restroom is now open for use.