Community Rating System

What is the Community Rating System?

The Community Rating System (CRS) Program rewards communities that enforce regulations above the NFIP minimum and implement other sound floodplain management activities. The rewards come as insurance discounts for residents. There are 10 CRS classes with class 10 being non-participation and 1 being the best. The community improves one class for every 500 points earned. Beginning with Class 9, communities receive a 5% discount on insurance ultimately receiving a 45% discount upon reaching Class 1. nhccghnhcgn Over the next year, Baldwin Borough will be working in conjunction with FEMA to initiate the Community Rating System Program. As part of this process, the Borough will begin flood safety initiative projects at both a governmental and community-wide level. nhccghnhcgn For more information about this process, please stop in to the Borough office or call at 412-882-9600.

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