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Human Resources

  1. Board/Commission Interest Form

    If you would like to be considered for future board or commission vacancies, please complete this form. It will be kept on file for... More…

Pet Licenses

  1. Pet License 2024

    All residents are required to apply for a pet license for their dog or cat every year.

Planning & Zoning

  1. Accessory Building/Structure Permit Application
  2. Pool Permit Application
  1. Dumpster Permit Form

    Dumpsters are required to be placed on your property and must have a dumpster permit. They can stay on your property for up to 45 days... More…

  2. Street Opening Permit Application

Real Estate

  1. Application for Lien Letter

    This letter verifies that there are no liens on the property. If there are outstanding liens, they will need to be paid off before the... More…

  2. Occupancy Permit Form
  1. Application for Sanitary Sewer Certificate

    All properties that are sold, refinanced, transferred, assigned, or mortgaged must have a sanitary sewer certificate to ensure that all... More…


  1. Illicit Discharge into Stormwater System - Report Violation

    No one should dump anything into the storm sewer system. If you see someone dumping, please call the Borough at 412-882-9600 x201 or... More…